Eiger Mountain GLASS ULTRA & ULTRA+

Mountain GLASS ULTRA is Eiger's strongest glass yet! Crafted from double strength, super strong aluminosilicate glass with embedded Anti-Microbial protection, Mountain GLASS ULTRA provides the best protective solution for your device.

Anti-Microbial Tech

Eiger ULTRA & ULTRA+ glass has Anti Microbial Technology embedded into the glass (not a coating) that kills 99.9% of known surface bacteria and lasts for the lifetime of the screen protector, offering an additional level of hygiene and protection from germs for an item that is probably touched hundreds of times in a day!

Ultra Strong Aluminosilicate Glass

Eiger Mountain GLASS ULTRA screen protectors are manufactured from special, ultra-thin yet super strong, double strength glass that is 80% stronger than our Mountain Glass and up to 400% stronger than standard soda lime glass. The scratch resistant design is engineered to absorb the force of impact and crack when the force is too strong, therefore protecting your phone and its screen. In tests the ULTRA range resisted 750N of pressure (as a comparison iPhone 12 screens with ceramic shield cracked at 450N). If your screen protector cracks from a drop, knock or impact then it has done its job!

Standard Fit & Curved Fit

Mountain GLASS ULTRA is our standard, 2.5D fit – covering the flat area of your screen only. Mountain GLASS ULTRA+ is our curved-to-fit, 3D glass for full screen coverage. Perfect for use with our Glacier & North Case ranges.

Oleophobic Coating

An oleophobic coating has been applied to the Eiger Mountain Glass ULTRA & ULTRA+, creating a long lasting, oil resistant, anti-fingerprint and smudge proof barrier that is easier to clean and protects against dirt and dust.

Full Functionality

Eiger Mountain Glass ULTRA & ULTRA+ offers high transparency, HD clarity and 100% touch screen sensitivity.

Lifetime Eiger Warranty

Mountain GLASS screen protectors are covered by the “Eiger Lifetime Warranty”. Please click here for more details.

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