Eiger Super Screen Clean

We all know that any device that is regularly touched or handled can accumulate dirt and germs. Now more than ever, it’s important to keep things clean and Eiger Protection are here to help! Eiger Super Screen Cleaning products are a range of alcohol and fragrance free cleaning solutions designed to clean all manner of screens and technical devices. Available as a spray with microfibre cloth or as handy, single use wipes. The spray and wipes have been specially formulated to remove dust, dirt, grease, water marks, fingerprints and germs.

Especially effective on screens, the antistatic spay, wipes and cloths are perfect for smartphones, monitors, tablets, satellite navigation systems, car dash displays, hand held gaming consoles, digital signage and TV screens…and even your glasses!

Not just for screens! Eiger Super Screen Clean is also an excellent way to spruce up your mouse, keyboard, remote controls and the casing of your laptop or media pad.

Eiger Super Screen Clean products can easily be stored in a backpack, laptop bag or kept in the car for use at all times.

Please follow the instructions as specified for each product.

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